Christopher Owens: Here We Go

Christopher Owens Here We Go

As promised when announcing his departure from Girls earlier this year, Christopher Owens will forge ahead under his own name with a new album due in January. This is the second track from that solo debut, Lysandre. Following a short instrumental theme that bookends the record, “Here We Go” sets the LP’s narrative course: a kind of musical memoir of his former band’s rise from obscurity. The song “is about the excitement I felt when I was preparing to leave for tour,” he says, “about the songs I’d sing –’Carolina, Southern Carolina’—and our first destination: ‘listen to me sing New York City.'” Above, hear the hushed, heart-on-sleeve tune. More from Owens describing the album:

Lysandre could easily be mistaken as an album about a love affair and the girl I fell in love with. But it’s much more then that. While love inspired me to write “Lysandre’s Theme”—and the album closes with this encounter—it also tells a story: the story of a writer in a band who suddenly finds himself facing the reality of a first tour and everything that entailed; from writing alone at home, to suddenly being in a band preparing for their first out of town shows. It’s a personal account. My account. Not that of a band or what the world might have seen. This is some of what I was feeling. A little window into my soul.

Lysandre Tracklist

01. Lysandre’s Theme
02. Here We Go
03. New York City
04. A Broken Heart
05. Here We Go Again
06. Riviera Rock
07. Love Is In The Ear Of The Listener
08. Lysandre
09. Everywhere You Knew
10. Closing Theme
11. Part Of Me (Lysandre’s Epilogue)