Video: Soko, Low Roar Cover Leonard Cohen

Soko Leonard CohenOften when StĂ©phanie Sokolinski, aka Soko, gives a shout to an emerging artist in an interview or elsewhere, they wind up crossing paths with a collaboration soon following suit. This is the case for Icelandic duo Low Roar, whose Ryan GuĂ°mundsson teamed up with the French singer-songwriter and Christine Owman while on tour in Germany earlier this month. I’d given Low Roar a couple spins following Soko’s endorsement, and while this clip of the trio singing Leonard Cohen’s lilting “Tonight Will Be Fine” in a hotel bathtub doesn’t reflect the ethereal beauty of Low Roar’s own material, it’s right in line with Soko’s work and a worthy introduction to the former’s nonetheless. Watch them pay homage to the Songs From A Room tune above.