Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & Dawn McCarthy: “Christmas Eve Can Kill You”

Bonnie Prince Billy Christmas Eve Can Kill YouWill Oldham’s reverence for the Everly Brothers is well-documented onstage and with one-off singles, but now he and Dawn McCarthy will pay homage in LP form on What the Brothers Sang, arriving in February 2013 via Drag City. First we have a seasonly appropriate glimpse at their approach to the covers set, which was recorded/mixed by David Ferguson (an engineer known most for his work on Johnny Cash’s American series and more recently on Anna Ternheim’s new record) and features longtime Bonnie “Prince” Billy collaborators like Emmett Kelly, Matt Sweeney, and Pete Townsend (not of the Who but of I See a Darkness fame). This single arrived last week with lots of non-winter visuals from its southern birthplace and footage shot live from the sessions at Nashville’s Butcher Shoppe studio. When it comes to holiday songs, bittersweet ones are the best — purchase it here and watch above.