Video: Jason Lytle, Tiny Desk Concert

Jason Lytle Tiny Desk ConcertJason Lytle reunited with Grandaddy earlier this year, but — as indicated in recent interviews — the biggest change has been a melding between his production for the band and solo material that always drove that work. Lytle’s excellent 2012 record, Dept. of Disappearance, is a solid example of that conjunction, where simple chord structures and memorable vocal melodies meet broader, expansive sonic palettes. Rest assured, fellow Grandaddy fans, a reunion record just might be in the works, but for now this clip from NPR’s Tiny Desk series is a fine way to bridge the gap between said worlds. Two cuts from the solo set are performed with acoustic guitar and sampler keyboard, while the band’s “Jed The Humanoid” returns alongside between-song talk of coming to terms with views on production treatment.