Video: Patti Smith Interviews Neil Young

Patti Smith Neil YoungBack in the spring, around the time Neil Young shared his first of two 2012 records with Crazy Horse and Patti Smith released Banga, the pair met up onstage in New York at BookExpo America to discuss their respective non-fiction works (Neil’s Waging Heavy Peace and Smith’s modern classic, Just Kids). At least that was the liftoff point for what became a more wide-ranging, fruitful conversation filled with too many notable exchanges to list. The whole hour-long talk has finally hit the web (h/t Dangerous Minds), and it’s a must-watch for any fan of either artist. In particular, don’t miss 43:33 onward — in which they praise Bobby Neuwirth, talk about songwriting, and Young makes his best case to date for the high-resolution audio format he’s developing. Watch the full interview above.