Jason Lytle Covers Sea of Bees: “Won’t Be Long”

Jason Lytle Sea of Bees

Following last month’s solo acoustic set from Jason Lytle, here’s a split 7″ the Grandaddy frontman dropped under the radar over the Thanksgiving holiday. He’s been a vocal Sea of Bees fan since championing their 2010 debut, Songs for the Ravens, and even went so far as to sketch out a cover of the LP’s “Won’t Be Long” with no initial plan for release. His recording almost made the cut for Twilight, by the way, but once the vampire love went cold he and Jules opted to let their covers live eternally on vinyl via Crossbill Records and (Grandaddy’s hometown-based) Modesto label Off the Air Recordings. She leads “Get Up and Go” on the flip side, though they both contributed parts to each track. Hear his decidedly faithful (“I just wanted to see if my own version of it could come anywhere near hers in capturing that same sort of feel.”) take above.