Phoenix to Release 5th Album in April

Phoenix Fifth Album TPV

Daniel Glass, the head of Phoenix’s record label, revealed today that the band just completed nearly two years of work in a Paris studio recording the follow-up to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Their fifth album — possibly titled TPC — is aimed for release in April 2013, reports Rolling Stone from the Spotify event where Glass made the announcement.

Although that rumored title (per a photo hint the band shared on their official site) is only speculative at this point, it would make sense given an interview Thomas Mars and Deck D’Arcy gave last year. At that time, they said new material was inspired by the “nostalgic” and “futuristic” sound of a French high-speed train called the TGV, adding that the band were experimenting with live drums and an orchestra.

Looking forward to more details and the “very experimental, minimalist” direction they’ve been exploring, but in the meantime, we do have some LP5 studio photos from last summer. Check out a shot by Hedi Slimane above and more from the set here.