Dhani Harrison Covers George Harrison’s ‘For You Blue’

Dhani Harrison For You Blue

From his role in 2002’s Concert for George to a priceless smile upon Prince’s entrance on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” in ’04, Dhani Harrison has long walked a remarkably humble line between honoring his father’s legacy and finding his own. This month, though, he’s channeled George and the Beatles head-on with a cover of Let It Be cut “For You Blue.” To call it faithful would be an understatement given the lineage, but the fact remains: Dhani’s voice is downright haunting compared to the original. Add the track’s band (Jim Keltner, Blake Mills, Aaron Embry) and its charitable motive (benefiting this and this) to the mix, and good vibes abound. Stream Dhani’s “For You Blue” above.