Timber Timbre, ‘Curtains?!’

Timber Timbre Curtains

Timber Timbre will follow Creep On Creepin’ On this April Fool’s Day with Hot Dreams, a set that’s found a deeper groove in all the doom and gloom of their folk debut. Frontman Taylor Kirk’s baritone still builds these songs on an eerie undercurrent, but now with some krautrock influence (in the funkier vein of Can), a B-movie organ part, and a hint of “Monster Mash,” there’s something more to dance to amid the murk. Simone Schmidt, of the solo outfit Fiver, wrote the words “about a man’s fallen career and his double life exposed.” Between that narrative and the cut’s art-house cinema vibe, “Curtains?!” makes for a fine piece of tune noir. The title track is here and the new cut is above.