Video: Laura Marling Tiny Desk Concert

Laura Marling Tiny DeskLaura Marling is in the studio these days recording the follow-up to A Creature I Don’t Know (“It will probably be released in about six months.”). In the meantime, NPR shared her latest Tiny Desk Concert, an intimate 3-song set with a pair from said 2011 LP and a new one, “Once.” While they’re calling the latter “a premiere of sorts,” this tune has, in fact, been debuted a number of times so far — most notably live on television this April. This is an excellent little show regardless, so checking out the clip above is recommended.

As you may have noticed, live previews from Marling show up around here regularly, such as potential future album cuts “I Was An Eagle” and “Pray For Me”. There are always a few new live tunes floating around and today is no different… Below, catch a glimpse of a track — possibly titled “Rosie” — rolled out in San Francisco just two weeks ago: [Read more…]

Laura Marling: “Once” (New Song Live)

Here’s hoping Laura Marling plans to put this batch to tape soon, as “I Was An Eagle,” “Pray for Me,” and “Once” are sounding worthy of release to these ears — even in their early live form, where she’s said it’s best to risk a mistake or two to keep things fresh. The latest piece of road-tested material comes courtesy of BBC 6 Music’s 10th birthday celebration, for which Marling and her band performed a full radio set in front of a live audience and film crew. The whole show can be viewed here in the U.K. and elsewhere thataway. The promising new tune is below: [Read more…]

Laura Marling: “I Was An Eagle” (New Song, Live)

Laura Marling’s fourth album is already shaping up to be her best yet, as this fall’s A Creature I Don’t Know tour has brought a number of live previews so far, each sounding to these ears even better than the last. “So your grandmother sounds to me,” she sings in this cutting tune to an ex about “when we were in love, if we were” from Chicago’s Lincoln Hall. “A woman I would be proud to be / And you say she reminds you of me / Every little boy is so naive.” Marling has said that she plays new material during most sets to raise the stakes by risking a mishap or two. To wit, enjoy her false start and stunning recovery in the tentatively titled “I Was An Eagle” above.

Video: Laura Marling – “Pray for Me” (New Song, Live)

Laura Marling Pray For Me
A Creature I Don’t Know has only been out in the world for two weeks, but Laura Marling seems to be gearing up for LP4 already — if three new songs she’s added to the live set are any indication. Marling said before one take that she’s compelled to raise the stakes at shows by forcing herself to risk messing up fresh material. And along with renditions of a few cuts off the latest record, she took that very chance on Spinning on Air recently by debuting a new tune (dubbed “Pray for Me,” perhaps) for WNYC radio listeners. Check it out above.