‘On the Road’ Soundtrack Tracklist

On the Road SoundtrackOne of the most anticipated films of the year around here is a brand new adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s seminal Beat Generation novel On the Road, produced by Francis Ford Coppola, whose San Francisco HQ near the Vesuvio saloon is right in the heart of Kerouac and Co.’s old stomping grounds. We know the source material is fantastic, but it can’t hurt that the cast is pretty impressive, too: Sam Riley (who turned in a great portrayal of Ian Curtis in Control) plays Sal Paradise and Garrett Hedlund will co-star as Dean Moriarty, while a number of talented actors round out the list, including Kristen Stewart, Viggo Mortensen, Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss, Amy Adams and — perhaps the most inspired casting choice — Steve Buscemi as a yet-unnamed character.

What’s more, some classic tunes will feature in the film by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Greg Kramer, and Slim Gaillard. Our favorite track, however, is “Death Letter Blues” performed by Son House. This is the song the White Stripes covered famously on their sophomore LP, De Stijl. In fact, it’s such an amazing old blues cut that there’s little doubt it will sound great in the film, as well.

Earlier today, we got confirmation from Universal Music’s French division that Gustavo Santaolalla will provide the score alongside the aforementioned previously release material. No release info is ready to share just yet, but here’s the tracklist for now:

On the Road OST

01. “Sweet Sixteen” by Greg Kramer
02. “Roman Candles”
03. “Yep Roc Heresy” by Coati Mundi
04. “Reminiscence
05. “Lovin’ It”
06. The Open Road”
07. “Memories/Up to Speed”
08. “I’ve Got the World on a String” by Ella Fitzgerald
09. “That’s It”
10. “Keep it Rollin’”
11. “Hit That Jive Jack” by Slim Gaillard
12. “God Is Pooh Bear”
13. “Death Letter Blues” by Son House
14. “I Think of Dean”
15. Recording of “On the Road” read by Jack Kerouac himself.