Patti Smith, Neil Young Interview Video Clip

Patti Smith has covered a number of Neil Young songs over the years, most recently with a rendition of “After the Gold Rush” on her latest LP, Banga. The legendary pair don’t only share a gift for music, though, as the upcoming publication of Neil Young’s memoir, Waging Heavy Peace, marks the moment in which they’ve both proven themselves to be popular non-fiction writers as well. Recently, Smith and Young teamed up for an interview at BookExpo America, discussing Smith’s award-winning memoir, Just Kids, Young’s forthcoming book, musical inspiration, and a wide range of other topics.

While Rolling Stone has a full report on what sounds like an intriguing chat, we’ve been waiting for video of the event to surface. That said, today brings a wonderful teaser in the form of a short-but-sweet discussion of Young’s childhood, during which his father called him Windy — a name inspired by his early creative spirit. (There’s even a moment where it seems Smith has nudged a future composition on the subject out of the master songwriter.) A must-watch for fans of either artist, enjoy the clip above.