Taken 2 Soundtrack Tracklist

Taken 2 SoundtrackLiam Neeson’s character Bryan Mills will be seeing red again next weekend when the sequel to Taken, simply dubbed Taken 2 this time, hits theaters, complete with a soundtrack that’s sure to keep the energy of the quick-paced action flick pulsing along as well. Most credit for Taken 2‘s music is due to Nathaniel Mechaly, who penned an original score for both the breakout original and the latest effort, but their are a number of previously released songs of note appearing among the tracklist, too. Chromatics’ 2007 Night Drive cut “Tick of the Clock” jumps out right off the bat as a likely standout in the movie, but odds are the tune most ear-catching will be Alex Clare’s “Too Close,” the London singer-songwriter’s hit song that’s been steadily climbing up the charts in the U.S. and world over the past few months.

The score with these films works fairly seamlessly within the songs by other artists, but for a reference, here’s just the Taken 2 songs not penned specifically for the film:

Taken 2 Soundtrack Songs (not from Score)

“A Real Hero” by College and Electric Youth
“Bagasaz” by Kasbah Rockers and featuring Ozg├╝r Sakar
“Too Close” by Alex Clare

“Tick of the Clock” by Chromatics
“Bosumus” by Sabahat Akkiraz
“Let Me” by Phoebe Killdeer & the Short Straws
“Handyman” by Henrik Wikstrom and Steve Martin